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“I wanted to thank you again for the course, I found it absolutely fantastic!
I went down to the italian coffee shop you suggested the next day and I
now work there every Saturday as a Barista!”



Fremantle Baristas offer you the best in Barista Training: Our Barista Courses are designed to prepare you to enter the industry with the skills required.


No crowded classes, we offer you individual attention, lots of practice, classes of 4-8 people maximum.


We’ll make sure you are ready to apply for a Barista position, regardless of the amount of beans and milk it will take!


Great training premises and latest equipment…Trust Professional Baristas, We Will Get You Ready To Work!

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Barista Basics $150.00-4 Hrs

pro_icoBarista Pro $185.00-4hrs

latteartist_icoLatte Art $135.00-2.5 Hrs

See More Detailed Course Information on our Courses Page


Basics and Latte Art Combo $220.00 Only!

Save $65.00!!!

( Doesn't include our Pro Course)

5 Minutes walk from Fremantle train station!

Our clients' feedback:

I just wanted to thank Sophie and Oli for helping me come a long way in terms of my barista career. I did your three part course 2 years ago, and although I was a barista before then I didn't know that much! Your course helped me learn so much in terms of the production of coffee and beans, latte art, perfecting milk without using a thermometer, and everything in between! Since then I was in a national barista competition and made it to state finals! Couldn't have done it without you, so thanks!


Hi Olivier, I had a fantastic time at the workshop and will definitely be back next school holidays to do the latte art course.  I have told, and will continue to tell, everyone how great the course was.  As I said on the day, I have done a couple of short courses over the years but this was by far the most comprehensive.  The amount of hands on practice that I did was amazing.  Thank you.

-"Hello Olivier and Sophie!
Your course prepared me for working in a professional cafe environment and gave me invaluable knowledge regarding the finer points of coffee making. Thankyou for your training! I have already recommended your Barista courses to a few friends, telling them how worthwhile it was. "

"Thanks so much for this Olivier, I went for my first interview today and got the job! 

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